Step 1: Prepare Your Ingredients.

Step 2: Make 8 cups of rice, and let cool. While rice cools cut bacon inot inch size pieces,then cook until crispy.

Step 3: cut up green onion.put aside

Step 4: Mix 4 eggs into a bowl. Put aside

Step 5: When bacon finishes remove from pan onto a plate with a napkin to soak the oil.

Step 6:Cook eggs and green onion. When eggs and onion finish, throw bacon in too.

Step 7: Add cooled rice into bacon,egg, and green onion, until all rice is mixed in.

Step 8: Open 3 kikkonman packets and follow directions on back for preparation

Step 9: Mix Kikkoman mixture into rice until mixed in throughly. Add shoyu sauce for more flavor.

Step 10: SERVE!!