Welcome to my portfolio page. Here you can view my current and past projects from both industry and academic experiences.

PDR design

Current 2018 Dashboard Design.


My current project is designing the dashboard for Cal Poly Pomona's Formula Society of Engineers 2018 vehicle.

This project is classified by three major tiers: Mission Concept Review (MCR), Preliminary Design Review (PDR), and Critical Design Review (CDR). In the first milestone, MCR, the overall design goals were defined as being more user-friendly and implementing lightweight technology to keep the car under ideal weight parameters while delivering information to the driver. These goals were further realized with PDR, where three different designs were presented to current and past team members with driving experience to give their feedback on their design of choice. The final design will be realized at CDR.


At FF, my biggest project was conducting market research on high-tech products the marketing team could implement into their communiation strategies..

Due to the proprietary nature of this content, please contact me if you would like to see a copy.


In my classes, i have learned a multitude of programming languages.

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